My strong-haired cunt is fucked

My strong-haired cunt is fucked
2022-05-08 08:48:38
Hello dear reader. It is my first article in the medium and I want to tell you that despite being a virgin, I want to share with you some stories about the weirdo world. Hello! Are you into photography? Have you ever wanted to document your journey or travel the world without spending hundreds of dollars on it? And let me start by asking you why? Because here is where we are heading towards. Photography has opened up so many opportunities. To take photographs is almost second nature now. Just go out there and shoot anything that sparks your curiosity. Yes, I am talking about shooting people in a group. Do you know why? Do you think they will be happy to get their picture and will feel something when someone is looking at them? Well, trust me; you do not know what sort of power the camera can have over you when the other party in that photograph does not give you any time or let you take pictures and they just want everyone to look at them in peace. No. They want to show everyone who has not reached the end of world how perfect they already are. That is the only thing they want. And if you are looking at them just as a group and not as individuals, you�

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